Who is Paul Anderson Wife? Know About Marital Status

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In a short span of time, Paul Anderson gathered a lot of praise from his fans. His macho personality certainly contributes to the immense following he has.

Many female fans want to know more about his personal life. What is his relationship status? Paul already married and secretly hiding the identity of his wife. Well, guys, Read along as we try to answer the queries of his relationship status.

Paul Anderson Married!! Who is his Wife?

The 41-year-old British actor is single. Yes, guys, you read it right the actor relationship status is single as of now. So, good news for all of his female fans, isn’t it?

But as per some online tabloids, Paul is already married. We can say that those are just rumors and Anderson does not have a wife. He is currently living in London, Primrose Hill, the UK in his apartment alone. Paul works very hard and is fully focused on his career.

Even though Paul has not tied the knot does not mean he never was in a relationship. Anderson has dated a few girls in the past and in fact, he became an actor because of one of his girlfriend. Thanks to her, as we get to see the talented actor on the screen.

According to him, in 2013, Anderson started reading the dialogue from the Tom Hardy movie The Warriors in front of his friends. It was at that moment his then-girlfriend said, ‘Have you ever thought about acting?’

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Paul Anderson’s Suspicious Girlfriend…

We know he has not exchanged the wedding vows but on his Instagram account, he posted a suspicious picture with a girl. The girl is named Stephanie Clark and the suspicion is raised after he captioned it “Us”.

That is quite suspicious, right? But Paul ended the suspicion after his caption read ” a girl I saw at that time”. So, probably they are not together and are just friends. Because of lots of cozy pictures they take together, many fans are confusing them to be a couple.

Before you jump to any conclusion, Stephanie already has a boyfriend. At least that’s what we come to know looking at her Instagram pictures. More than Paul, Stephanie is cozier with this other guy and also has captioned ‘Love U’ in one photo.

Paul Anderson’s Family

There is not much information about his family but he was born and raised in London. So, his parents must be from there. Currently, Paul is living with Ray and he is a dog. Anderson loves Ray and spends time with him by going out for a walk.

The actor started his career in 2013 so, he is very new in the industry. Despite his short time period in the showbiz, the actor has worked in big movies and big celebrities. Paul featured alongside Tom Hardy, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Chris Hemsworth.

Anderson gained fame after his appearance on the show Peaky Blinders and recently, he started shooting for the fourth season of the series.

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