Darren Morgenstern’s Scandal of Ashley Madison, Dating service business made him millionaire!

Darren Morgenstern

Darren Morgenstern is mostly known as the founder of Ashley Madison. 

Highlighted detail

  • Darren Morgenstern was born in Canada.
  • He has three beautiful kids with his wife Marissa Mayles Morgenstern.
  • He has been married since 2002 according to our information.

A well-established Canadian businessman, Darren Morgenstern, who gained fame as the founder of the online dating service Ashley Madison, accumulated a substantial amount of wealth. 

In 2016, he said that Ashley Madison was quite in demand while having an exclusive talk with the Mississauga News. Additionally, he said “I think we spent about $10,00 [sic] at the time. We were operating only four to six months and already we had positive cash flow.” 

According to his talk with Mississauga News, he had done very well within four months of services. He succeeded in accumulating 55000 subscribers (initially it was supposed to be 60000) and served his pocket considerably.  nevertheless, it is not completely true that his earings touched millions in the meantime.

Eventually, in 2007 Darren sold it off to Avid Life Media, and its business skyrocketed when the company’s CEO, Noel Biderman started handling it.

The Rise and Fall of Darren Morgenstern: A Journey from Wellness Investment to Controversy

Darren Morgenstern started a business incubator specializing in nutrition counseling just after Ashley Madison. As of 2016 news, his team was interested in serving overweight people who were consistently seeking healthcare professionals to maintain their overall physique, so they worked on creating an app for those people. As expected, he successfully operated a Weight Loss Rebate business and served as its director. The twist is, that drew him into the biggest controversy of his life.

Not only that, client of the company claimed that Weight Loss Rebate scammed them, saying “It cheated them thousands of dollars”. Later Darren self responded to complaints and said he was not a scammer.

Darren started the company with his wife, Marissa Mayles Morgenstern. Their company, Weight Loss Rebate, closed down due to bad reviews.

It’s not clear what Darren is up to now, but Ashley Madison, the agency he co-founded, is in the spotlight for a Netflix documentary.

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