Comedian Mark Normand says he did not have a great childhood with his parents, Father Rick and Mother Liz: “They Were Workoholic”

Mark Normand, a 40-year-old comedian and actor, recalls his childhood experiences in a podcast, revealing that his parents, Father Rick Normand and Mother Liz Williams, were busy.

His father, Rick Normand, was a former United States Attorney, and his mother, Liz Williams, was the Southern Food & Beverage Museum director.

Mark Normand and his older brother, Eric Normand, could not spend meaningful time with their parents because they both worked in different fields.

In a podcast, Mark Normand described his older brother Eric as a perfect son who was his parents’ favorite child, adding, “He went off to do great things, and I tell D#k jokes.”

Furthermore, he claimed his father hit him because he was an angry man. Despite this, Mark Normand describes his parents as nice people who were “dreamers.”

Key Takeaways

  • Mark Normand didn’t have a close relationship with his parents, who were constantly busy.
  • He describes how they lived in a terrible neighborhood and were constantly robbed.
  • Mark Normand dropped out of college, but he eventually returned and graduated.
  • He began his comedy career in 2006, playing stand-up at Lucy’s Retired Surfer Bar in New Orleans.

Mark Normand compared his relationship with his parents to that of a “cold out” coworker

Mark Normand, the podcast presenter, recalls having a strange childhood with his parents, whom he refers to as “ambulance-chasing lawyers.” During his chat with Lex on the Lex Fridman Podcast, he opens up about his relationship with his parents when Lex asks, “What was your relationship with your mom and dad? What are some of their most memorable moments? “What did you learn from them?”

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He begins by characterizing his parents as “good parents.” “The giving is thoughtful.” But he also refers to them as “a little out-to-lunch.” You knew they were workaholics, so it was difficult to get anything out of them.

Furthermore, he characterizes his father’s demeanor, adding, “He was kind of an angry dad.” I assume he had a strange childhood and was simply trying to make it. And he tried to provide, but it was difficult. So life was constantly pouring down on him.”

In the podcast, he also mentioned that they resided in a “Horrible Neighborhood” where they were constantly robbed. He claimed, “My bike was stolen eight times.” Our car would be taken when we went to school. it was crazy”.

Furthermore, Mark Normand states that his parents “were very smart people.” He goes on to say, “Like they were good people, and they were dreamers, but I don’t know how well they were socializing.”

When Lex asks if he has ever genuinely bonded with them on a human level, he responds, “It was just almost co-worker and cold out.”


Who is Mark Normand’s wife?

Mark Normand’s wife is named Mae Planet. She, like her husband, is a New York City-based comedian, writer, and podcaster. The pair married in November 2022 and currently have no children.

Mark Normand’s age?

Mark Normand is currently forty years old. He was born in 1983 in New Orleans, Louisiana, to American parents.

What is Mark Normand’s net worth?

According to celebrity net worth, Mark Normand had approximately $1 million in 2024, which he earned from his successful career as a stand-up comedian and actor.

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Did Mark Normand attend college?

Yes, Mark Normand attended the University of New Orleans. However, he took a year off to study film at the New York Film Academy, which he left after a while. Later, he graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University.

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