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Lola Cosuelos

Lola Grace Consuelos: Biography in Details

Who is Lola Grace Consuelos?

Lola Consuelos is a young American. Lola Consuelos is also the daughter of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos.

How many siblings does Lola Grace Consuelos have?

Consuelos was born Lola Grace Consuelos on 16th Jul 2001, in Manhattan, New York, USA. Currently, she is 22 years old. Lola’s other siblings are Joaquin Antonio and Michael Joseph.

Lola Grace Consuelos is the middle child born to Mark Consuelos and Kelly Maria Ripa. Mark and Kelly Maria were wed in September 1996 and they belong to Italian-Irish and of Italian-Mexican ancestry.

Kelly Maria Ripa and Mark Consuelos, own a New York-based production company, Milojo, after their 3 children Michael, Lola, and Joaquin.

More about– Lolas’ father Mark Consuelos is an American actor and his latest TV series is the CW drama series, Riverdale.

Lola Grace Consuelos was born on 30th March 1971 in Zaragoza, Spain, and was raised in Lebanon, Illinois, and later in Brandon, Florida, USA. And he has a brother who is a doctor, and a sister, a lawyer.

He was educated at the University of Notre Dame and the University of South Florida, USA. Among his other achievements, he is the recipient of the American Latino Media Arts Award for “Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Soap Opera.”

Lola Grace Consuelos won “Hottest Romance” along with his wife and Lola’s mother, Kelly Ripa in 1997 at the Soap Opera Awards, and the Teen’s Choice Award for Choice TV Villain in 2018.

More about– Lola’s mother American Kelly Maria Ripa is acknowledged as one of the most powerful and influential personalities in Media. She is the recipient of two Hall of Fame Awards.

Lola Grace Consuelos is the co-host of the syndicated morning talk show, Live! with Kelly and Ryan, in various formats since 2001 and a devout patron of ComicCon.

Kelly Maria Ripa was born on 2nd October 1970 in Berlin, New Jersey, US. Her sister Linda is an author and writes for children.

Lola Grace Consuelos was spotted by a talent scout while she performed in The Ugly Duckling during her senior year when she was studying at Camden County College, New Jersey, USA.

A true Cowgirl, Ripa broke the Guinness World Record once when twenty-four banana-cream pies were tossed at her mouth in one minute, and for the second time for the Most Grapes Trodden in 1 Minute.

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Out of 5.4 liters, she extracted 8.4 liters but was outdone by a contender, Martina Servant of Germany.

More about- Michael Joseph was born on 2nd June 1997 in Manhattan, New York, and is the eldest of the Consuelos family.

Lola Grace Consuelos majored from New York University in TV and Production and interned in Blumhouse Production, Los Angeles, California. He is in the series Riverdale too.


Lola Grace is studying since this 2019 fall at New York University, just like her elder brother Michael.

Lola Grace Consuelos will study Music at NYU Tisch Performing School of the Art, Broadway, New York City, NY. She will graduate in 2023, approximately.

Lola Grace Consuelos- The Person

Her name ‘Lola’ is derived from Spanish ‘Dolores and is the antonym of ‘a happy lady’- and which Lola Grace is, always smiling.

Lola Grace attended her prom last June. The problem was that Lola Grace wanted the prom to personal achievement for her, however, her mom Kelly Maria would have none of it!

She posted Lola Grace’s prom picture on Instagram, much to the consternation of Lola Grace and the amusement of Jimmy Fallon, of Jimmy Fallon Live.

Kelly Maria also did an impression of Lola Grace and so impressed Jimmy Fallon that he reacted with a ‘your impression of Lola is spot on.’

Lola Grace Consuelos- Her Privacy

Lola Grace Consuelos is protective of her privacy, and she had a meltdown when mom Kelly Maria posted her #TBT Halloween pictures online.

Birthday? Graduation? Decisions! Decisions!

Prime graduation season falls on the same season as Lola Grace’s birthday season. The problem was that Michael Joseph and Joaquin Antonio’s graduation too happened on the same day.

Her Family- Her Pride

Lola Grace loves to watch her father, Mark’s production Riverdale. In fact, is over the moon when her whenever her dad is on-screen and goes ”I can’t believe dad is on a show that I actually watch’!

Kelly told Jimmy. “I wish you could watch Riverdale with my 16-year-old daughter, who is finally like, ‘I can’t believe dad is on a show that I actually watch.’”

Lola Grace’s Mom- A Walkin’, Talkin’ Show-Cowgirl

As usual, Mom made a mistake by posting Lola Grace’s picture just before her appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Kelly Maria told him- “It’s so bizarre. I’m never allowed to post a photo of her—ever.”

Dad- A Real Father

Like the Lola character in the series Riverdale, the real Lola Grace wants to drink mimosas at breakfast but her dad does not allow her. When asked about it she says ” ‘Yeah, ’cause he’s a real father and that’s a character on TV!’”

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Lola Grace Consuelos loved it when Dad Mark posted a throwback picture of the leading ladies in his life, wife Kelly Maria, and Lola herself on the 2018 International Women’s Day with the caption “internationalwomensday-shout to the two of the important ladies in my life- I admire your humor, integrity… love you…’

Her Independence

When Lola Grace Consuelos was asked about what aggravates her about her mum, Ripa, She replied angrily saying “You tell stories about me that are just not true.”

Lola Grace thinks that mom is exploiting her and mom Kelly started a-talkin’ and telling the audience at the show- “Exactly! Why did I have these kids if not to exploit them on social media?”

As moms usually have it, she promised to take down the Halloween picture- and did not, and millions of viewers who were tuned in to watch The Tonight Show Thursday saw Lola’s Halloween pictures.

Playing Favourites

Lola Grace is always in the middle. When arguments arise, she usually is the one to be pulled in or pushed away. To this mom, Kelly Maria adds ‘ how I wish I had four children instead of just three’.

Lola Grace- Hobbies

Her hobbies are ice-skating, traveling, and eating exotic cuisine. Especially in 2009 and thereabouts, she ice-skated a lot.

She visited Australia for the first time when she was just two years old, with her parents and Michael. Then in 2011, she was 11 years old when the family visited Italy and France.

In 2019, they visited France and visited the same spots they had done earlier and wrote in English a popular French saying ‘The walls have become a lot smaller.

Starred Family Who Stay Together…

-In 2015, October, Kelly Maria Ripa was honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Consuelos family did it together on the Red Carpet.

-After much cajoling the Lola Grace and her brother along with Mr. Consuelos agreed to appear as a family in People’s 2019 Beautiful Issue(Offsprings).

On Ryan Seacrest Live! mom Ripa started ripping about how pleased she and Mark were pleased to be invited to the show along with their beautiful children.

And then- here comes the talking-family-secret part, she chirps I never thought they would say yes, ever, ever because their three children are ‘very historically not really in-front-of-the-camera people’ unlike Mom Consuelos and Dad Consuelos, who would rather live in front of the camera all their lives.

Prom Night 2019

The most important day for any high-school graduate, Prom Night in 2018 June. Lola wore the most beautiful emerald prom dress that was styled by Kelly Maria, Ryan and fashion stylist, Audrey Slater. It was designed by N.Y.C. Raza Wijdan.

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Lola did wear that oh-so-very-chic dress but not before she made some alterations to the dress “behind our backs” because as Kelly Maria said “that’s why the girls are on display” and concluded with ‘my girl is one smart girl.

Lola has to follow Kelly Maria’s house rules- a limited option of what she wears, and no crop tops, no tight clothing, and no revealing outfits.

Lola Grace Consuelos had her classmate Terrick pick her up for the Prom. In fact, Lola Grace’s parents actually would not hear of her attending the prom.

So Lola made a deal- she will come back 2 hours before her regular curfew. Not surprising though, she made it home 15-minutes earlier.

All Grown Up

On the eve of Lola Grace’s first day at college, mom could not resist posting another picture of Lola Grace’s christening.

Later, mom, Kelly Maria told the rest of the world ‘Look at this picture, and with a blink of her eye, continued, ‘No, I’m not crying. You’re crying? No, actually Daddy’s sobbing’.

In the fall of 2019, Kelly Maria dropped Lola Grace at her freshman dorm at the university and helped her unpack all teared up. This was a one-time mom Kelly Grace would not look into the selfie taken by now wait, was it Lola?

Lola Grace attended college for the first time on August 26, 2019, at 02:29 PM.

This parting did not prevent Kelly from tweeting ‘The nest (our house) is getting roomier.’ After Michael Joseph, Lola is the second to leave the Consuelos’ nest.

Mommy’s Girl Does Society Good

On the Red Carpet Premiere of Nine Lives among others, Lola appeared with her mom, and on 17th December 2017 when Lola Grace was 16, she accompanied her mom to the 11th Annual CNN Heroes- An All-Star Tribute TV Premier.

Lola once appeared on the talk show “Live with Kelly and Ryan”, which was hosted by Ripa herself.

Lola Grace Consuelos: Controversy

Parents- Whew! She was totally disgusted when Kelly Maria shared a picture of Mark, her husband’s well-toned body, and commented with an “Ew… parents…” and followed it up by reporting it to the internet-online police/ authorities!

How much is the net worth of Lola Grace Consuelos?

Lola Grace will not want to take a share of her parent’s $140 M US.

If she plans to work in the Performing Arts after her degree and diploma, her earnings in the performing arts industry may be anything between $75k to $500k and more.

Body Measurements: Height, Weight

Lola Grace Consuelos is hazel-blonde with hazel eyes. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall, her height is 165cm/1.65m, and weighs 63 kg.

Her Shoe size is 7 US. Furthermore, her body measurements are 38-25-37 inches.

Social Media

In 2017. this had 1.1m million views- On 15th November 2017, Lola Grace Consuelos learns from Kelly Maria how to work the Cauliflower Gratin on Live Kelly & Ryan. Enjoy!

Lola Grace Consuelos’s Birthday Dates

Year Date Day
2024 June Sunday
2025 June Monday
2026 June Tuesday
2027 June Wednesday
2028 June Friday

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