Laura Deibel, Who is Tim Allen’s First wife ? Know about her networth.

The world is fascinated by celebrities and their famous life. People are always eager to know about their relations, earnings, and social media presence. Similarly, our article uncovers the life of Celebrity partner Laura Deibel.

Deibel was born on the 12th of November, 1956, in the USA. Moreover, she is best known as the first wife of the famous actor and comedian Tim Allen.

Also, the couple is blessed with a lovely daughter named Katherine Allen. Let’s find out more about the curious life of Tim Allen and his partner.

Earlier Life

Not much is known about her earlier life as she became famous after her marriage. But as sources are to be believed, Laura was raised by very supportive and understanding parents.

Later on, she graduated from a local school and then went to Western Michigan University to pursue further studies. That’s when she met the love of her life, Tim Allen.

They were so much in love in those days. They were believed to be ‘lifelong soul mates.

How did she meet her husband, Tim Allen?

Laura met her former husband during her college days. These childhood sweethearts later decided to take their relationship to the next step. This beautiful couple got married in the year 1984.

They gave birth to a girl child, Katherine.

Also, Her husband Tom was trying his luck in the movie industry. Laura then came forward, and she took the entire responsibility of the family as Tim was still struggling for a better career’.

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However, their life took a turning point not long after, Tim made a mark in the movie industry. After that, Laura left the job and was completely devoted to her family.

Soon later, Tim’s career graph was surging as he was extremely busy at his work, he couldn’t manage time for his family. They could sense trouble in their beautiful paradise.

Unfortunately, Tim couldn’t balance between his progressing career and his family. Also that point in time, he was suffering from alcoholism which resulted in him spending some time in rehab.

More about her relations.

Life wasn’t always sunshine and rainbow for them. They had to face the darkest clouds and rains. It led to an unanticipated circumstance.

Unfortunately, their marriage fell apart, and the news of their divorce circulated like a bonfire. Their close friends and family couldn’t believe their marriage was ending. She filed for divorce in 1999, and they bid farewell to their marriage.

She was an ideal wife and an attentive mother. Furthermore, Laura always stood up for her family. Even at the hardest time, she was always there to love and support her husband.

At one point in time, Tim was arrested for distributing cocaine and spent 28 months in prison when they were not even married. Still, they managed to prevail over the difficult situation together; she didn’t leave him in the lurch.

Net worth and Appearence

Laura began to pursue her passion and became CEO of a well-known company. Her net worth is about $1.5 million. Consequently, she enjoys a lavish life and treats herself with exotic vacations and luxuary items.

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However, after the divorce, she is more comfortable keeping her life private. However, the famous individual has not made her presence on social media handles.

Her Zodiac sign is Scorpio. She is a decisive and courageous woman. As of now, she is 64years old. Moreover, despite her age, the celebrity partner has maintained an attractive physique and personality.

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