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Kiera Bridget: Biography in Details

Who is Kiera Bridget?

Kiera Bridget is a British vlogger of social media fame. Kiera Bridget came into prominence with her prolific videos about I Kiera-Me-Myself. She is a popular vlogger who vlogs comedy, challenges, and storyteller on the website with her name.

Kiera Bridget- Birth Age, Early Life, Education

Kiera Bridget was born on October 21, 2000, in the city of London, UK.

As a child of 10, Kiera was fascinated by what she discovered on YouTube. Then in 2011, she saw Dan Howell and realized that she wants to be like him. On 29 May 2014, she opened her account on the channel.

Furthermore, Kiera is a ‘high school drop-out’.

Professional Career Progression

Kiera inspired by Dan Howell began taking mini-sketches with her webcam- all in secret. The upload of those mini-videos got her 30 subscribers- a definite victory for one so young.

Then in February 2016, Kiera met with a skiing accident and was confined to bed for eight months. However, Kiera did not take things lying down. She started her personal channel, Kiera Bridget.

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In August, Kiera finally got her legs back. She then went over and auditioned for a collaborative channel managed by Tana Mongeau. Kiera was only 400 subscribers strong but was selected anyway.

After that, there was no turning back. Despite low self-esteem, as Kiera recalls, she knew her videos were funny-good, and that there was more to her than others would ever know.

Kiera Bridget- Professional Career

In 2016, Kiera Bridget started out as one of the original collaborators of the channel Trash. Kiera is an original in vlogging- she just reacts to anything that trends on the net.

In addition, her make-up videos make up much of her Trash. One other collaborator is the popular YouTube content creator, Tana Mongeau.

Vlog This, Vlog That…

Kiera Bridget is aggressive in her marketing approach- a time-tested hallmark of all business personnel. She goes for the jugular when she introduces her latest vlogs. For instance, take a read of some of the headlines- all in CAPS, comprenez?

‘How I Got Away With MURDER… story time’


‘Battle Royale w/ MORGZ (INSANE)’

‘I Tried to Break my Back- Childhood Story time’


‘I Copied my BOYFRIEND’S Instagram For a Week!’




‘GRWM not clickbait’

‘What is your problem with me?’

– I Lived Like a Billionaire for 48 Hours.

Moreover, her official site is an online merchandise seller.

The vlog that Relationship!

– received 4 million hits when she broadcast her relationship with Morgan Hudson, the Morgz Mad.

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-romantic hide-and-seek in a $10 million dollar mansion.

-spent a week handcuffed to one another

– My Boyfriend Picks My Outfits

Vlog Your Friend’s Misfortunes!

Her friends too are a means of monetizing her vlogs. Her co-collaborator on Trash, Tana Mongeau created the short-lived TanaCon video channel on the tube.

Well, Kiera raked up more sterling pounds and dollars than fallen leaves in Autumn when she vlogged about Tana’s misfortune.

Vlog Your Silliness

You heard that right! Kiera throws herself under the wheels of anything just for the love of vlogging. Like the time she-

-let her pet dog control her life for 24 hours.

-spent the night in a haunted wood.

-took time to figure out what is in the box.

Kiera Bridget- Height, Weight

Kiera Bridget is a platinum-honey blonde with blue-green eyes.

Her height is 5 feet 6 inches, her weight is 57 kg, and her body stats are 33-24-33 with Cup Size 32 B.

How much is the net worth of Kiera Bridget?

Kiera Bridget has a net worth of $1.1 million US as of 2023. Her estimated earnings from vlogs are $25.41 K US.

The established potential earnings from each video are $13 K US. Kiera uploads a minimum of the most recent videos every month on her channel.

Partnered Earnings

2020-01-20 $ 595.66 – $ 1.16 K-

2020-01-21 $ 335.46 – $ 650.89-

2020-01-22 $ 159.45 – $ 309.39-

2020-01-23 $ 389.39 – $ 755.52+1

2020-01-24 $ 583.03 – $ 1.13 K-

2020-01-25 $ 526.28 – $ 1.02 K-

Kiera Bridget- Social Media, Rank

Kiera Bridget has 33.5 M likes and 2.4 M followers on Instagram, and 49 K followers on Twitter. Additionally, on her channel on YouTube, she has 289.8 M views, 276 videos, 3.4 M subscribers, and a total viewership of 290.75 M.

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Kiera Ranked in the Top 1%

-Ranks 3,108th Globally

– Ranks 87th in Country-Area

-Ranks at  3.59% in Performance

-Her commercial online store 21buttons has 126 K followers, and with 280,000 new subscribers per week, there seems no end in sight. Kiera’s 2019 August view count amounted to 45 million!

-Her videos on Kiera Bridget’s TikTok channel have 2.4 M followers and 33.5 M likes.

Kiera Bridget’s Birthday Dates

Year Date Day
2024 October Monday
2025 October Tuesday
2026 October Wednesday
2027 October Thursday
2028 October Saturday

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