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Katelyn Nicole Davis: Biography in Details

Who is Katelyn Nicole Davis?

Katelyn Nicole Davis was popular by her online name ITZ Dolly. Katelyn Nicole Davis was just in her young age and was 12 years old and committed live suicide. Davis was famous as a blogger and used to upload different blogs.

Katelyn Nicole Davis: Birth Facts, Family, and Childhood

Katelyn was born in Georgia on February 20, 2004. Her mother’s name is Tammy Michelle Rogers. As stated by her, she does not have a dad. Her stepfather was Anthony Lee Rogers Sr.

Katelyn Nicole Davis grew up without her father by her side. During her teenage days, her father refused to pay child support but would spend hours playing video games. Her mother has once told that she was married to Anthony Lee Rogers. And she gave birth to her young step-siblings, Abigail Lee Rogers and A.J Lee Rogers.

Katelyn Nicole Davis: Education History

Davis attended Cedartown Middle School. She didn’t earn a higher education certificate as her mother have no money to see her through school.

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Katelyn Nicole Davis: Early, Profession life and Career

Katelyn Nicole Davis was twelve years old when she hung herself in her yard and streamed it live over the internet. Katelyn Davis will always be remembered worldwide for the way she died. 

She was a singer. She also uses it to make out the different blogs. Katelyn uses to make videos including her experiences of her life, leading up to the day of her death. Davis shares the spiritual philosophy and takes care of her two younger siblings in her videos.

The child also put different videos arguing with her mother that she alleges criminal activity. Her videos also consist of breaking down emotionally and claiming that she was neglected by her biological father physically and sexually. She also mentioned that she was encouraged to kill herself by her stepfather. She died on Dec 30, 2016.

Katelyn Nicole Davis: Salary and Net Worth

As Katelyn Nicole Davis hasn’t professional start her career and she was just at a young age. Her net worth is $3 million as of 2022.

Katelyn Nicole Davis: Rumors and Controversy

Katelyn Nicole Davis has just lived her young age and did not engage in any kind of profession. There are no rumors about her.

Katelyn Nicole Davis: Body Measurements and Social Media Profile

Her eye color is blue and her hair color is light brown. There is no information about her body measurement apart from this.

She was socially active on the internet and have her own youtube channel, Instagram, as well as a Facebook account but it is not used now after her death.

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Katelyn Nicole Davis’s Birthday Dates

Year Date Day
2024 February Tuesday
2025 February Thursday
2026 February Friday
2027 February Saturday
2028 February Sunday

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