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Finn Lindqvist Wilson was born on January 14, 2014, which makes him 9 years old as of 2023.

Wilson’s exact birthplace is not known but he was born in America.

His parents are American actor and filmmaker Owen Wilson and Caroline Lindqvist, who is a personal trainer.

Finn has an older half-sibling named Robert Ford Wilson, born in 2011, from Owen Wilson’s previous relationship with Jade Duell.

Finn Lindqvist Wilson’s ethnicity is Caucasian, and his nationality is American.

As a child, Finn Lindqvist Wilson is not yet of school age, so it’s not clear where he is receiving his education.

However, given his family’s wealth and status, it’s likely that he has access to high-quality education options.

Finn Lindqvist Wilson: Professional Life, Careers

Finn Lindqvist Wilson is still a child and has not yet begun his professional career.

As of now, he is concentrating on his studies and personal development.

He is the son of Owen Wilson and Caroline Lindqvist.

Therefore, it is feasible to say that Finn will decide to follow in his father’s footsteps and seek a career in acting or filmmaking given his family’s history in the entertainment industry.

But given his youth, it’s too early to predict with certainty what he will decide to do. Finn is likely enjoying a happy and privileged childhood with his family.

Finn Lindqvist Wilson: Net worth, Salary 2024

Since Lindqvist Wilson is still a minor, he has no source of income.

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Therefore, he does not have a personal net worth or salary.

Net Worth and Salary are typically linked with those who have built successful professional careers and make a living from them.

However, according to “Celebrity Net Worth” his father, Owen Wilson, is a very well-known and wealthy writer, director, and actor.

As of 2024, Owen Wilson’s Net Worth is estimated to be approximately $70 million.

Finn Lindqvist Wilson: Rumors, Controversy

There are no rumors or controversies around Finn Lindqvist Wilson.

As a child, Lindqvist does not stand out in the public eye, and his personal life is generally kept private by his family.

Owen Wilson, Finn’s father, has experienced personal setbacks in the past, including fights with depression and drug usage.

Finn Lindqvist Wilson has, however, been honest about his challenges and has made an effort to go past them.

Therefore, Mr. Wilson has successfully avoided unnecessary prying eyes and has not been involved in many conflicts or scandals throughout his career.

Body Features- Height, Weight

Finn Lindqvist Wilson inherited his father’s naturally blonde hair and greyish eyes.

His height and weight are not publicly available.

As he is still a child it is important to note that his personal information should not be disclosed without their or their parent’s consent.

Social Media

The 9-year-old Finn Lindqvist Wilson is not active on any social media platforms.

Since he is still underage, it is common for parents to restrict their children from having an online presence at a young age to protect their personal lives and shield them from the potential risks of social media.

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