Faze Blaziken, What Happened To An Australian YouTuber,?

Lucas Mosing, also known by his other name, FaZe Blaziken, is an Austrian YouTuber, Blogger, Vlogger, Gamer, Twitch Star, and Social Media Personality who leads the eSports Call of Duty group, Faze Clan.

Further, the hunk has successfully gained more than 3.44 million subscribers on his self-titled YouTube channel, where he posts various types of videos, i.e., entertainment videos, songs, blogs and many more.

Furthermore, Faze influences young aspirant gamers with his exciting and unique gaming videos through the medium of Twitch or YouTube. Also, he likes to travel while capturing the beauty of nature and wildlife.

Besides, the vlogger is a fabulous singer who released his debut single, Woah Kemosabe, featuring musical artist RSK seven years ago. Now, his music video earned over 6.1 million views with a positive response from his fans.

At the moment, Mr. Blaziken is not married; that’s why his fan’s followers are keenly waiting to learn about his relationship status? Also, he enjoys an excellent net worth maintained out of his YouTube channel. Well, if you are also interested in getting all the data about his life, then stay on our page and read this article to the end.

How Wealthy Is FaZe Blaziken In 2022?

In this time, anyone with the ability to see the future will surely tell the handsome hunk Faze has the potential to be a millionaire one day, and his extraordinary courage plus creativity separate him from other gamers.

Additionally, his expected annual revenues from YouTube vary from $1,200 to $19,700, and he also earns $196 per video for live gaming streams on Twitch which makes his current estimated media value $75,347. So far, he has secured $800,000 of net worth, which is less than Wilbur Soot‘s total net value.

In the year 2015, the guy won the prize of $50,000 by taking the first place in FaZe Clan. As per, his yearly estimated YouTube channel salary is between$9K to $143.2K making $746 to $11.9K per month.

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He even donated to his best friend Nick on Twitch with about $5000USD and thanked him.

Faze posing in his luxurious car. Source Instagram

With such income, currently, he lives in a lavish house and drives expensive brands of cars.

FaZe Blaze’s Break Up with Carrington Brooke Durham

Twenty-five-year-old popular blogger Blaziken first publicly announced his girlfriend is Carrington Brooke Durham, an actresson his YouTube on 20th August 2019.

Also, the two collaborated on many TikToks, while enjoying their couple goals.

When most of his fans believed that their love and affection were out of this world, it came out to be not true as they seemed to be. Nonetheless, the star stated that they split up with his longtime girlfriend on YouTube on 17th February 2021.

Later, in one of his YouTube videos, Faze publicized that his girlfriend had been dating an X Factor Australia contestant, Jai Waetford, secretly for over two years and said they had been going through a rough patch.

Also, the man requested all his fans not to send any hate comments toward his ex-partner, Carrington. After the breakup, Faze moved to Las Vegas with his close friend, Nick, along with some other FaZe Clan members.

But, we can say that all this break news is fake; recently, on 7th November 2021, he posted a pic with Durham, which means the two are still together.

It seems the lovebirds enjoy each other accompany and love to travel many exotic places exploring the beauty of nature. Speaking about his friends, the boy shares a robust relationship with his friends FaZe Adapt, Faze Temperrr, Faze Rain, and his best buddy Nick and even goes out for a tour of Hollywood.

Past Relationships and Affairs

Talking about his past relationship, Blaziken first made his girlfriend when he was in his 8th grade in an American School; but it was just his childhood love.

Then, in 2018, the boy fell in love with a beautiful girl; however, the star has not yet talked much about his partner. His lovers are still waiting to know about that girlfriend; however, the guy might want to put his partner far from the public eye.

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Before dating Brooke, Faze had a romantic encounter with a gorgeous girl named Sheena in 2018; but, things did not work out, but he still cherishes a lot of memories that they made together. Also, the hunk dedicated a love song, Playing Game, to his girlfriend.

What Happened to Faze Blaziken?

Social media personality Lucas used to live in the FaZe mansion worth $30 Million based in New York with his team members, RainTemperrrAdaptApex, and Teeqo. Unfortunately, he left out to pursue his YouTube career just like FaZe Rug.

YouTuber, Mosing initially began a YouTube channel, Faze Blaziken, in May 2017. However, he re-named his last name from Blaziken to Blaze because there were some copyrights from Pokémon’s character.

At present, his YouTube channel has over 3.44 subscribers with total views upto 540,220,092.

Early Life Of Faze Blaziken

The internet sensation, FaZe first opened his eyes as Lucas Mosing on 19th August 1996, in Vienna, Austria as the eldest child of Mr. Kristoff Mosing and Mrs. Hemma Kristoff, under the Leo birth sign.

Likewise, he was raised alongside his younger sister, Mia Mosing, aka Faze Mia, who also runs a YouTube channel with her best friend, Helene.

After three months of Mosing’s birth, his family decided to move to Mountain View, California, USA, due to his father’s clerical job.

Later, they relocated to Palo Alto, California; because of an Austrian accent, his dad admitted him to a German School named DEUTSCH MIT SILKE in CA.

More On His Education

During his school days, Faze relished playing soccer, and after seventh grade, his parents decided to take him to the American School, from where he completed his schooling.

Followingly, he did not show much attention to social media and games through the ensuing years. Though, the boy was a passionate soccer player to play for the national team one day.

So far, the star went to school regularly at the German International School until 8th grade and later completed his high school graduation at St. Francis High School based in Mountain View.

Nevertheless, most of his friends at school used to poke him and make him uncomfortable, and he ultimately felt lonely.

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Faze, a gamer and soccer player. Source Instagram

Although Mr. Blaziken appeared to be a loner, his parents decided to move back to Austria. At the same time, the internet influencer was a bit suspicious about how he would learn and write in his native language.

Also, the star faced some minor problems at first but became used to his mother tongue.

After a while, the blogger traveled back to the USA to study at the University of California at Santa Cruz in 2015. Sadly, he dropped out of college because of his poor grades. Likewise, Edward Centeno is also a college dropout.

After four years, he joined The Wharton School in 2019 and is now pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration and General Management until 2025.

Career Overview

Revealing his early career, Blaziken was just 16 years old when he began playing games and making clans on YouTube named FaZe Clan by his friend named Simon. Then the blogger started to see all the videos of the Faze Clan.

After that, Faze became inspired to start a YouTube channel, and in the same year, the star began his journey on the YouTube channel. Lucas and his friend Nick created a Call of Duty group called xJMX.

Additionally, the YouTuber is interested in making videos rather than making money. As individuals say, if you go after money without interest, you won’t get the money.

Therefore, the social media sensation didn’t go after the money. In addition to this, he is a member of FaZe Clan.

Furthermore, in September 2018, his favorite singer Mac Miller (1992-2018), died. Since then, the guy got a bit depressed hearing that news. In fact, the star even admitted that:

“I don’t want to speak on it. I’m a lot action speak for itself.”

Apart from this, Blaziken is a dog lover and has one husky dog named Sky. As we already mentioned above, he has a sister, and they keep appearing together in his YouTube videos. Correspondingly, he had made a video for his sister saying that her comment on Instagram was ridiculous.

Nowadays, Blaziken is working on his music, and his recent YouTube video is What Really happened in 2018. 

Moving towards his social sites, Faze is active on various social sites, including Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and TikTok; he has amassed millions of followers and subscribers on his Instagram and YouTube channels, respectively. Also, the fellow has over 114,423 followers on his Twitch.

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