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Anthony Tony Cetinski: Biography in Details

Who is Anthony Tony Cetinski?

Anthony Tony Cetinski is an award-winning Croatian multi-genre singer, musician, and producer.

Anthony Tony Cetinski is a TV personality, guest performer and honored citizen in the Magyar.

Tony is the most popular male singer in Croatia.

He is renowned singer all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, and across the continent of Europe.

On February 24, 2017, he represented Croatia as a guest performer at the Slovenian EMA.

For Magyar readers in Magyar, Hungary, ‘A szlovén EMA 2017 verseny vendégfellépője: Tony Cetinski Horvátországból’.

 Anthony Tony Cetinski- Birth Age, Early Life

Tony Cetinski was born Anthony ‘Tony’ Cetinski on May 31, 1969 in Pula, Istarska županija, Croatia.

Pula is in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, modern Croatia, East Adriatic Sea, across from Italy on the western side.

Pula is home to one of the best-preserved Roman amphitheaters on the Istrian peninsula and surrounded by the beautiful Adriatic Sea.

Tony was born in a family of musicians and singers.

Anthony Tony Cetinski professionally worked as a stone carver at the oldest settlement of Donji Humac on the Brač Island, an archaeological site.

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Though he worked professionally on stone carvings, his heart was set on singing.

Anthony Tony Cetinski -Professional Career

Tony was 15 when he started to sing and perform with local bands and singing groups around town.

Thereafter in 1991, he left his hometown Rovinj, West Coast, Istrian Peninsula and relocated to the capital Zagreb, along the Sava River, North Croatia.

He then sang his heart across the nation and into the heart of Europe.

Tony started his professional career as a singer in the 1990s.

Even today, Tony renders heart-touching melody throughout his lyrics and acoustics.

Individual Discography

These songs and albums are his popular on.

1990, Samo srce ne laže

1992, Ljubomora I,2 tracks

1993 Ljubomora II

1995, Ljubav i Bol, 10 tracks

1996 Prah i pepeo

1996, A 1, 11 tracks

1998 A 1

1998, Tony, 12 tracks

2000, Triptonyc, 12 tracks

2001, Da Capo, 10 tracks

2003, A sada…, 14 tracks

2005, Budi Uz Mene, 15 tracks

2006, Reason To Fly, 2 tracks

2008, Ako to se zove ljubav, 15 tracks

2010, Zena nad zenama,· 15 tracks

2010 Da Capo

2011, Best of Tony Cetinski

2012, Opet si pobijedila, 14 tracks

2014, Zena nad zenama, 1 track

2014, Krik Triptonyc

2015, Vjera Nevjera, 1 track

2016, Prah i Pepeo,· 12 tracks

2018, Kao U Snu, 16 tracks

Recorded Collaboration, Duet

Here are some of the many other collaborative productions by Tony Cetinski.

-2018, Album Kao U Snu, Acoustics & Singer- Tony, Producer- Igor Ivanović, 7.4 K views

-Čekam Te Produced by Tony Cetinski & Elvis Stanić Album Kao U Snu

-In 2005, Tony recorded a duet with the late Toše Proeski a, a Macedonian multi-genre singer, songwriter- a beloved and popular actor across the Balkans.

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As a result, they created ‘Lagala nas mala’, a Croatian edition, the ‘Pratim te’, and a remix of ‘Pratim te’ by Deejay Time.

Tony sings, record, and produces his creation through his label ‘Hayat’. Tony plays and sings the genres Pop-rock, Funk, Disco, Dance, and Pop.

Anthony Tony Cetinski-  Honors, Awards

Music & Honor

Anthony Tony Cetinski is revered in Croatia as one of the notable musicians and singers in the Music of Southeastern Europe, the Balkans, and in Europe.

Music Awards

1.In 1994, Anthony Tony Cetinski represented the Eurovision Song Contest for Croatia at the  Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin, Ireland.

Croatian National Broadcaster ‘Hrvatska radiotelevizija’- the HRT in Opatija organized the ‘Dora 1994’, and selected Croatia for the Eurovision Contest with Tony as the national representative.

Out of the remaining 21 finalists in the contest on 20 March 1994 at Dublin, Tony came out the winner!

Tony came 1st with 77 points to his credit. His song for the competition was ‘Nek’ ti bude ljubav sva’.

This song won Croatia the Eurovision International Song Contest Award.

2.In 2006, at the 10th Croatian Radio Festival, Tony won the Top 3 Prizes in the Category Pop Rock in this single event.

-HRF Grand Prix in Pop Rock

– Listener’s Award

-Music Editors Award

3.In 2009, Tony received the 2009 Porin Award for Best Male Vocal Performance with his song ‘Ako to se zove ljubav’.

What is Anthony Tony Cetinski’s net worth?

Tony’s net worth is $1.5 million as of 2023.

His earnings as Croatian singer in the continent of Europe is $25k US per concert.

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-In 2009, Tony sang and performed live in two concerts in Arena Zagreb, Croatia.

Both these concerts sold out with more than 30,000 people attending live.

-The song ‘Laku Noć’ by Toni earned $475 K US.

 Anthony Tony Cetinski- Social Media, Rank

Anthony Tony Cetinski has 356 K followers AND 372 likes on Facebook, 171.3 k Followers, 202 Following, 1,159 posts on Instagram. Additionally, Tony’s official YT site has 4.8 M views with 50 videos.

Tony’s official site, ‘ ‘ is ranked number 6,042,352 in the world, with 2.0 E-5% of global Internet users visiting it daily.

The Croate song and performance by Tony Cetinski, “Laku Noć” achieved reached 1.9 M total views, 8 K likes on YouTube. “Laku Noć” was submitted on 2017-01-23 on Croatia Top 40, and spent 75 weeks on the charts.

For all times the song achieved 12.2 K average weekly views on the charts.

“Laku Noć” ranked at #291 on Croatia Top 40 on week #242 in 2017, and #382 on Croatia Top 40 on December 2019.

The song ‘Laku Noć’ has more than 1.9 M views on YouTube since 23/01/2017.

This is the official 4 K rendered video sung and performed by Tony Cetinski on YouTube- ‘Kao u Snu’.

What are the body stats of Anthony Tony Cetinski?

Anthony Tony Cetinski has brown hair and eyes.

His exact body measurements are not known.

Anthony Tony Cetinski’s Birthday Dates

Year Date Day
2024 May Friday
2025 May Saturday
2026 May Sunday
2027 May Monday
2028 May Wednesday

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